Thoughts #91

“NATURE and NATURAL THINGS are real and inversely proportional to Problems. If we follow nature truly in it’s every form then all problems will vanishes automatically.”

But nowadays humans are against nature in every sense that’s why we are facing unnecessary much more problems. We can’t afford to go against the same because we are also a part of nature and we make the circle of balancing complete. We have power or right to take decision as per our own, but it doesn’t mean that we goes against the nature.

But what I mean for Nature and Natural Things ?

NATURE means any thing which happens or occurring automatically, naturally, effortlessly, which needs to be happen. Human nature, Animals nature, Nature’s nature, Earth’s nature in whole, all these comes under umbrella of NATURE.

Natural things are basic things which rule Nature/Earth, from this, everything will be in HARMONY it means MORE POSITIVITY and less negativity. LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS will prevail, nobody will be in fear, everything will be in favour of Nature so as in Our also.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts #91

  1. Positivity and hope… loved it!♥

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    1. Thank you Sonali ♥️❤️🌹🔆🍺🍫🤗

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        1. 🔆🍺♥️❤️🌈🎉🍫💐🌹🌞🤗

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    1. I also love nature
      Thank you 😊💐

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