Thoughts #96


I really want to thank the TIME, because of it I able to recognise all the people in my LIST how much they are hollow from inside and it was only me who respect them unconditionally always.

Good thing is they lost all respects gradually by all their own actions, the only satisfaction for me in the last is I gave my 101% efforts for them and Saddest part is I wasted so much time on them which can’t return and I still care for them from my heart(my mind doesn’t care at all) without any reason.

Just imagine how it feel when you inspired from someone to be honestly talk, always speak truth and always be kind but in reality you found them being just opposite and a big liar. When you think they care about you but actually you realise they really don’t care at all, you are in pain or you die they don’t give damn shit to you but when they need you they again innocently ask you for help. I have learned that nobody is really down for you like you had think.

Some people play with/uses you so innocently that you think they really interested in you but when illusion break then you understand you were nothing but a collateral damage in their war against themselves.

Now all people in my LIST are just my REGRETS.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts #96

  1. Sohanpreet Kaur June 20, 2021 — 7:00 PM

    True, but remember not to blame yourself for that. It is not easy to do, but blaming ourselves is worst.

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  2. As we grow up, we start seeing people for what they really are ♥

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  3. Sad.. right? How people betray our trust, our expectations?

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    1. Qki unhe maza aata hai shayad aisa karne me or fir baad me khud hi victim banne ki acting karne me

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